2020 year in review // Love is RESILIENT

WOW! I have a tradition of doing this annual check-in/review. I had really anticipated this post being relatively scarce. But wowow I’ve had a plethora of content. It might be the most image heavy post SLL has to share so far! They say hindsight is 2020 and man oh man did we learn a lot. 

I’ll start with the obvious. Our wedding season looked very different because well, the pandemic happened. It was a year that grounded us when nearly 100% of what we had on the calendar was simply pushed into the 2021 run. We had plans to zigzag all over the U.S. for weddings, to see family, to travel. Instead of sending wedding prep sheets, I spent so much of the spring helping clients resolve their postponement and cope.  We feel so incredibly lucky that we work with people who are thoughtful and just as concerned. Our clients complied, downsized, or simply rescheduled. This had the obvious consequences on our business and income, but we proved resilient. Through commissioned editing, elopements, and outdoor sessions— we were able to recoup a substantial amount of what we were projected to lose. I have felt more than ever the warmth and love a community is willing to show a small business and for that I am forever thankful. 

Fast forward to a very busy fall/soft reopening. We had packed a year’s worth of shooting into about 3 months. Then, like any sudden storm, my heart was broken. We lost my dad, Glenn Guggenmos, at the too-soon age of 57. The processing and understanding of this loss has been slow, but I’m working on it. My clients were incredibly supportive and kind during the aftermath. I can stand by the the philosophy I have always espoused, refreshed and reaffirmed:

I overshoot and emphasize candids because people matter most to me. I don’t do it for magazines or networking. I do it for for the legacy and love of family. 

When photos are all you have left, you’ll never regret having many of them. 

I do it for the future nostalgia you may not yet realize you’ll have. This isn’t just about loss. You’ll never regret the chance to relive an afternoon, a memory, or to revisit a version of you from the past. 

Photos of you in love.

Photos of you relaxed.

Photos of you experiencing joy, travel, and adventure. 

Because when things get hard, we yearn for those moments. 

We are first and foremost documentarians. We make magic from moments because we have the intuition to be present while also anticipating how your photos will make you feel days, weeks, or years from now. We appreciate any chance we get to capture you and your’s beautifully and truthfully. 

I could go on about trends, styles, and “vibes” we liked from this year. But I think I’d like to stick to the theme that matters most: love Is resilient. 

2020 took a lot from many people. But love cannot be stolen. 

So with that in mind, please enjoy this photographic celebration of love and resilience:

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