Sur la Lune Does MALIBU // Destination Beach Wedding at Cypress Sea Cove // AJ and Justin are MARRIED!

Get ready clients and friends. We’ve got an epic post for you tonight so let it LOAD! Go on, grab that glass of wine and come on back in a few minutes!  This day was full of constant sweetness, from the kind of love you see between friends that have stuck to each other since high school to a wall of literal sweets (doughnuts in fact!)… this wedding absolutely stole our hearts.

Let’s start with our star couple! Their story is so charming I get a little weepy just thinking about it. Justin and AJ met on their college speech team. I actually knew Justin from back home (we both competed for Fullerton!). They started out as friends but eventually found themselves dating. After college, they moved to LA together and quickly made a home and successful careers. AJ is basically running the social media GAME for the NFL and their entire snapchat like the boss babe she is. Justin won an Emmy in 2017 for his work in “Outstanding Live Graphics Design” for the League of Legends. I think it’s pretty easy to say that these two freaking made it. Add on top of this already amazing story a backstage proposal at a Hamilton show (that Justin willed into transpiring by contacting Lin-Manuel Miranda’s SISTER and following up with his father)…. I’d say the star power around these two is pretty strong! And whatever they set out to do, they do it, and as a team.

You may think that they have pretty big egos, but you’d be wrong. These two are some of the most gracious, generous, caring, and grounded people we’ve had the pleasure of working with. They were so focused on how everyone ELSE was enjoying themselves. They were also diligent in making sure we were taken care of, from driving us around, feeding us the night before, and sending us away with snacks and extra tiny champagne bottles. They treated us like friends, guests, and with the utmost respect as artists. Moreover, the trip to them was the perfect excuse to see my family in California, so I was very appreciative of their bringing me out.

PS- WE TRAVEL. CA is one of the few places we will make it extra reasonable for you to bring us out ;] ;]

These two decided that because the majority of their guest list was coming in from out of state, that they would show them the very best Los Angeles has to offer: the gorgeous views and vibes that can only be found at Cypress Sea Cove in Malibu California. When I tell you this place is stunning, hear me say it out-loud in your head: it is ssssttttUUUNNNnnniing. I will never get over the non-stop 360 gorgeous views, lush landscaping, and beach access. I also really don’t think the weather could have been more perfect this weekend. I can embrace all weather, but it was really something special to be celebrating love in that gorgeously warm west coast sun.

Emotionally, I was so moved to be a part of this cozy experience. In “getting ready” I could tell that AJ was truly and sincerely present with her closest friends. There was laughter, tears, champagne, cuddles, and football playing on the TV. I could not get over how sweet of a speech her high school drama teacher (and officiant) gave in speaking on their relationship having known AJ for so long. The parent dances had me sobbing behind the camera. All of those feels culminated in what was an epic open air dance party after everyone got down on pizza and doughnuts. It was a wild, emotional, and joyful ride. We were so thrilled to be a part of this day.

Justin and AJ, you are such special people and you are very special to us. Thank you for inviting us to this once-in-a-lifetime kind of weekend. You two rocked it and you deserve the world.






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