Bowling Green Kentucky Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographer // Pivoting in a Pandemic toward Passion

Hello fellow hunker-downers! We are coming at you live from, well, home! It seems so long ago that we blogged our at-home lifestyle session and we have to admit, not much has changed. I guess that’s the whole vibe of 2020 right? Days fly by and blur together. There have been a few exciting things to share with y’all:

  • We got two new kittens! A post dedicated to these sweeties soon!
  • We bought a stock tank and built a pool in the backyard for relief from the heat.
  • We have embraced Kentucky’s limited reopening for photography and have been filling available dates with elopements.
  • We have combined forces with some of Bowling Green’s most talented artists to make the previous statement happen!

This year has had us grounded but in a beautiful way. We are grateful for the extra time at home with our cats. We are even more pumped to be doing what we love most: celebrating couples in love with as little fuss as possible.

Let’s face it. The guidelines in our state (heck across the nation) are confusing and seemingly ever-changing. This remains constant: people want to and in some ways need to be married.

Maybe you cancelled your day. Maybe you’re postponing, but need to sign that license. Maybe a big wedding was never for you to begin with. Whatever the case may be… we got you.

You don’t need much to have a fabulous micro wedding. With our team you can have gorgeous candid photos, vibrant bodacious florals, a personalized and meaningful ceremony, a delicious tiny cake, and a plate of the fanciest snacks… all under $,1500. You heard me right. We’ve got Jules with the Flowers, Reverend (and hubby) Ganer Newman IV, Clover and Flour Cakes, and the Cheese Queen of Bowling Green all on board. We just need you to inquire to get started! Happy to send our brochure to anyone who contacts us. Hire all of us, some of us, or one of us! The point is to get you married as simply and as sweetly as possible!

Below are some samples from recent tiny weddings/elopements to tempt you further into the world of intimate celebrations. As someone who had a tiny yet epic wedding myself, I can tell you we have zero regrets. Instead I have a 100 page wedding album of quality time, moments, and magic with my best people.

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