Aruba // Salt water heals all wounds

As soon as 2021 wrapped, we did our Covid tests and hit the beach. It’s no secret we love the Caribbean. This adventure took us to Aruba. Most of my favorite memories are on my phone, which I may add to this post later: hugging a wild donkey, watching goats crossing a major highway, beautiful fish and coral while scuba-ing (word??), and plentiful stunning views. These are some of the shots I took on my canon 6D which proves to be as perfect as ever despite my non-use of it.

I have so much to say about this year and this season. Ganer and I both pushed through an impossible season with a double booked wedding run (thank you, pandemic) and loss. But we are a type 4 & 7 team. The heights are epic as the cliffs we climbed and the depth we experience is as rich as these turquoise scenes.

Someone stop me from moving here I guess? Lol.


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