2019 in Review // Another year of Love and Happy!

Hello clients, friends, family, newlyweds, and community! 

I was going to try to avoid saying what I say every year… but, once again, I didn’t blog hardly enough. I sometimes think of this post as a way to make up for it. There was so much incredible content. This year brought us to new horizons. There were so many honest moments, beautiful details, unique places, and epic parties. I found myself after every shoot saying: “you better blog this ya dummy” but alas, I didn’t have the time. 

SO! I hope you see this massive post as a way for me to give you even just a TEASE of the magic we experienced this year. Of the 54,496 of images I was able to painfully narrow down to, there are ~54,200 more. [Yeah, I am just as shocked as you!] Especially because the rest is just as beautiful, brilliant, and inspired as these. 

I also aim to not make this a literal repeat of our instagram feed but there’s inevitable overlap because it’s work we LOVE! And if you’re not following us on social media already, this would be a nice catch-up ;]

& like I’ve said before, this post is therapeutic. I don’t see it at all as a way to share “the best of” x year. It’s a way for me, after the blur of a busy year, to come back and cherish every frame. I find myself specifically and continually drawn to:

  • Breaking character in between “poses”
  • Big undeniable smiles 
  • Anything quirky/offbeat/defiant of tradition
  • People feeling themselves and looking confident
  • Bright, bold, vibrant detail choices
  • Subtle meanings and moments
  • Dancing, dancing, and more  dancing
  • Shadows and highlights doing their own beautiful dance
  • True color, epic yet non-forced backdrops, and gritty detail

It’s also humbling to do this post at the time of year. Over the year you get into a pattern of shoot > edit > delivery that feels never-ending. As things quiet down, you wonder as an entrepreneur if you’re doing “enough” and coming up with ways to fill in the quiet. Merely combing back through, I cannot help but to feel humbled. This year was LOUD. Imposter syndrome needs to fully back off. There was a time where all I could ever want out of a year was one great wedding or one great session… I just needed the right people to believe in me. This year absolutely spoiled us and I have so much to be wildly proud of. Every moment we get to document is a privilege. It’s a communication of trust, love, and friendship that so many of you have given us the joy of receiving. 

We had a full year that had us at every corner of the U.S. and even abroad. Our “pack” bags were almost always out because we were always traveling between 3 hours to a 15 hour flight. We did miss our tiny cat, but wouldn’t trade seeing the world for the world. Oh and I also bought a new car for SLL! Expect this ruby red beauty to be rolling up to your day this year ;]

I hope you let these load, grab some bubbly, get in your feels, and see why we are so thrilled with our 2019 run!!!!

Prendre plaisir!!!


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