A Surprise Proposal at Shanty Hollow in Bowling Green, KY // Kalynn (my baby sister) and Levi are engaged!

Hello sweet clients and friends!

It’s been a while since I blogged but I’ve got a story for you that’s close to my heart. This past week we had the honor of documenting the precise moment my sister Kalynn said “yes” (after a lot of laugher and crying) to her partner Levi.

Let me back up just a bit, without going into a ton of personal detail. I am incredibly proud to be Kalynn’s sister. I tell Ganer all the time she’s the most mature, level-headed one in our crazy family. With an 8 year age gap (happy almost 23rd birthday to her, btw!), I very much cared for her as a baby and toddler. She such spunk and personality from the get-go. She was incredibly verbal and quick to figure things out (her crib didn’t hold her back for very long). In the years we lived apart, I always worried for her, but she grew into a total badass. An avid horse rider and artist, she has a commitment to nature and a dedication to craft. Her talent and capability is boundless. However she has faced a lot of pain, injury, and trauma– all of which she has faced with such bravery.

My first interaction with Levi involved meeting him with her on his motorcycle, a sight that would bother most big sisters. However, his big smile, frequent checking in, and gentle hold on her had me already feeling that he was safe. More importantly, I hadn’t seen her glow as brightly as she was since she was a tiny one. She couldn’t stop smiling with him. In that week I could see how Kalynn was more confident, open to new experiences, and truly comfortable with herself. I noted that their connection was deep, and that they seemed to operate on a unique frequency together.

Fast-forward to this current summer. I was visiting home well in the area for a wedding in SoCal. After a day of playing spike ball and evening playing card games, we reminded them that they really ought to visit us in Kentucky some time. In a matter of weeks they let us know that tickets were purchased and we quickly prepared our guest room for their visit.

I planned a full week of classic spots to hit within an hour of BG (Mammoth cave, Lost River, Chaney’s, etc etc). What I had not planned was to organize and document a surprise proposal. One night after dinner, Levi casually pulled out a beautiful bespoke ring to show me. It was custom designed with copper and a peridot stone. My reaction went from happy tears to suddenly turning inward to start scheming for how this thing could go down. We decided we’d save the moment for the very last day, at the peak of our hike at Shanty Hollow.

Of course, the planned evolved even more from there. The night before the hike, a dear friend and enormous talent, Jules (with the flowers), had announced a giveaway to a deserving person. I quickly submitted my sister’s name on behalf of the big surprise. She agreed and sent us a flower comb, crown, AND elaborate centerpiece all within about 12 hours of me asking. Seriously Jules, you came through. I asked Kalynn if she wouldn’t mind modeling the comb for me as it would be the perfect excuse for having my camera around. We posed about around our yard and at the start of the trail. As we moved into the park, it was getting hot and I could tell Levi was getting nervous but staying cool. At the height of the hike Levi got on one knee and Kalynn said “yes.” Ganer helped me document and even prepared an evening of festivities at home. We celebrated over cheeseboards, champagne, and cozy times on the deck.

Oh big note! Levi is a woodworker and designed both the ring box and the serving tray you’ll see later in this post! Give him a follow and keep him in mind for projects small (like a gorgeous ring box at your wedding) or large furniture! He does it all!

Congrats again to these sweet souls. I’m so happy you found each other. Thank you for letting us be a part of this.

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