A Rainy Romantic Wedding Day at Elkin’s Grove near Bowling Green KY // Megan and Katherine are Married! // Kentucky LGBTQ wedding photography

Happy June y’all! It’s pride month! In perfect timing, I recently delivered this gorgeous wedding day to Megan and Katherine. Instead of waiting a year (or years to blog), this seemed like a mighty fine time to celebrate these two. So sit back and let this long post load! It’s a special one!

By all accounts of friends who know them– Megan and Katherine’s connection was fast and strong. Set up by a mutual friend, it didn’t take long for these two to get together and quickly get engaged. What I love about their story is just how perfectly in tuned they are as a couple. Both had purchased rings with the intention to propose to the other. They even planned the same surprise for each other– a comic book depicting their story together ending with the classic grand gesture (they had even picked the same cover). If that’s not an indication of a thoughtful, intentional, and perfect connection then I don’t know what else is.

Added to this sweet story is the fact that they are both in health care. They are both loving mothers to their son. They have a huge group of friends and family that love them deeply and are ready to move the moon for them. They are empathetic to others and especially toward each other. Their connection and chemistry is really out of this world. We kept catching them having little moments together– exchanging knowing glances, making each other laugh, and wiping the other’s happy tears. Being surrounded by this kind of love on their wedding day was moving and inspired some major overshooting. Cait, who photographed with me, shared this feeling of knowing we got to be a small part of something so so special.

So we are eagerly sharing some of the many highlights from this emotional and loving celebration. We are so thankful you chose us as your documentarians, Megan and Katherine! You two deserve the world!


Thank you endlessly for your friendship and faith in our services! We wish you all the best in your marriage.

© Sur la Lune Photography

Venue: Elkin’s Grove

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