A Dusky and Romantic Strut Session in Downtown Nashville ~ Erica and Dusty are Getting Married!

Hello friends! I’ve got a fierce one to share with you all. This session is all kinds of iconic Nashville mixed in with some unique sweetness.

I can’t believe I’m packing my gear for this wedding as it feels like I shot this engagement session only yesterday. Erica and Dusty both live in Nashville so we had made arrangements to do the session exploring their favorite parts of downtown (including where they met!). After rescheduling a few times for weather concerns, we decided that this foggy November afternoon was going to be THE time to make it happen. I had just arrived at the BNA airport and was texting with Erica about how we were gonna make this overcast day WORK for us.  I am so absolutely thrilled that we did.

The sun was setting earlier with the cloud cover so we moved quickly. Erica absolutely rocked her stilettos (for both efficiency’s sake and because she’s a B.A. of course). We bounced from spot to spot and I loved documenting the in-between.  My favorite shot was an absolute candid I snapped when I turned to look at them strutting down one of Nashville’s busiest streets. I am pretty sure I leapt nearly into traffic in order to get it (no regrets). Semi-directed shots are fun, but I LOVE to catch my couples in the moment, whether it’s walking fiercely down a sidewalk or a sweet touch that was meant to be just for the two of them.

This session reminds me of how much I love when couples bring their own personality, style, and connection to a session. Direction only gets you so far. I want to see who you are as individuals AND as a couple. I want to feel vulnerable with each other, but also to celebrate what makes you feel confident.

I expect to document many more iconic and wonderfully candid moments such as these tomorrow! It was so great to capture a glimpse of your chapter as an engaged couple, Erica and Dusty!

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