A Summer Evening in Bowling Green with a Pup, Champagne, and two Sur la Lune Sweeties // Evan and Haley are getting MARRIED!!!

Helllllooooo friends! I sincerely hope your summer was/is as lovely as mine. It’s been nonstop and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I was super excited about having an evening in late July to hang out with these two (three if you count their sweet pup featured toward the end!). I’ve had Haley and Evan on my radar since even before they had gotten engaged. They were what we in the industry like to call “pre-engaged” which is just a fancy term for the fact that you know it’s gonna happen, you are already planning, but the grand gesture is in the works. I got to meet with them over coffee to hear more about their story and I was just delighted. They have an undeniable chemistry and shared sweetness. I could tell within minutes that they were my kind of people.

Haley just finished her undergraduate in education and is starting up as teaching little ones this fall at a local elementary school. Evan works for his family print company and is an incredible photographer himself (you gotta see his video 500 days of Haley IT’S TOO CUTE). They had dated since 2015 and after a birthday surprise proposal, I heard from them super quick about becoming their photographer. They found me on instagram (which hello thank you to everyone who pushed me to join, we just celebrated over 1,000 posts). Soon after we did a super precious Christmas downtown mini (which I always meant to blog, but alas, did not) and then we got together recently to freshen up their set with some really incredible summery portraits.

Because of their previous experience with me, they were THAT much more down and relaxed. I was texting with Haley before the session a lot going back and forth about the slightly stormy weather and being down for anything. And then I joked that they could totally have champagne prior (or even during) their session to really make it a celebration. They got excited about the idea and we decided to turn it into a photo op (//alternate title to the blog: “Why I had Champagne in My Hair one Summery August Evening”)… you’ll just have to scroll on.

I was super eager to share this session because well, I just adore these two and their commitment to me being their documentarian for SO long! But also, this session just really encapsulates the Sur la Lune engagement session experience. It’s a mix of portraiture and genuine experience. It’s letting yourself be present, playful, always down to explore, and never to take anything too seriously. It’s embracing each other with sincerity and then going for that whimsy that you maybe didn’t think you’d be ready for… but totally rocked. It’s about celebrating your journey as a couple, or family. Maybe the puppy doesn’t want to smile at the camera for more than 2 frames. Maybe your best off playing and not posing. Maybe the champagne pop goes everywhere because that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s all about playing along, enjoying each other, and embracing the little things you’d never expect.

Ps- I’ll never be mad about puppies, champagne in my hair, and true genuine giggles.

For real though, I’ve never been more proud of where I’m at with engagement sessions. I strive to help couples relax, enjoy each other, and celebrate their story. And much of that comes from letting couples be themselves and overshooting with love in my heart to catch all that good moments-in-between.

Thank you and congratulations to two of the best! Thank you for your unwavering support for SLL and friendship. I cannot (CANNOT) wait for your wedding next summer!!!

In the meantime, enjoy these sweet photos!


Carrie G. of SLL



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