A Winter Portrait Shoot in my Backyard ~ Lindsey White is Beautiful

Meet one of my many muses and best friends: Lindsey White. This is not the first time I’ve photographed this stunner (we’ve been besties some 7 years) and these are some of my favorites. She was on her way to a fundraiser and dropped by to say hello and help me cure some boredom. This is the kind of magic we can create when you’ve got a look that makes you feel good. I shot these (and more) in about 5 minutes. I don’t blog portraits very often, but I do think they are an important part of our services.

I believe having photos of yourself that you love is important. It is empowering.

Selfies are great but allowing someone to observe you and really appreciate you with beautiful high quality photographs is something special.

In a world of social media profiles both professional and casual, you deserve to show off photos are proud of. Print them out for your loved ones, or print them out for yourself (yes you can do that).

Get in touch with me, let’s make the kind of portraits that celebrate being the beautiful human you are.


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