Hollywood Bowl Engagement Photography ~ Raf and Kelly are about to be MARRIED!

Ah! So this post is coming to you from a plane! We’ve got a long flight to CA to see and document our great friends Raf and Kelly getting MARRIED! We are so incredibly excited. We’ve known them for years. Raf was my coach and friend while Ganer and I competed for the WKU forensics program. We bonded fast as we were the cool kids from southern CA with a mutual love for good music (e.g., Prince, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, etc. etc.). Seriously one of the funniest and warmest dudes we know, Raf is the kind of person to make you mix CDs and will likely have a pretty decent impression of you along with a catalog of funny stories to tell others about you. I believe his take on my involves a joyous high pitch voice usually saying something about cats 🙂 [spot on, really]. We got to see Kelly when she would come visit Raf and we too became fast friends. She is one of the most down to earth, generous, and intuitive people you’ll ever meet. She’s the kind of person you could talk to for hours about both silly things and REAL talk. She’s quick to process and cater to the needs of others in an incredibly sweet and maternal way. She also has like, the bluest eyes! These two together are an absolute joy to be around and are some of our very favorite people.


They now live in LA and we don’t get to see them nearly as much so you bet I gave a big “yaaaaaaas” when they asked us to be their photographers. 1) this wedding is going to be kick ass, 2) we wouldn’t miss it for the world, and 3) CA wedding means warmth and sunshine that I miss SO much. I got to take these photos the last time I visited my family that lives nearby. I put the ball in their court to choose the location and style and boy did they deliver. We got to run around the Hollywood Bowl (a popular concert venue) as if we owned the place. They brought along some amazing items: a pie because their wedding is on 3.14, headphones to listen to their wedding playlist, his jiu jitsu gi and her robe, and custom made “Mr. and Mrs. Raf” shirts. I love how much joy and personality they brought to the shoot. We ended the night with dinner and drinks at a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the Los Angeles skyline! After that we talked the night away at their place 🙂

We couldn’t be more pumped to finally see these two wed. I know it’s going to be an incredible weekend. Enjoy these and stay tuned to our Facebook page for previews!

We are so lucky!



Test shot? How about an amazing shot?



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