Seth + Haley + Dogs ~ A lovely little family shoot :]

Yayy! I’m so excited to share this mini session we recently did with our great friends Haley and Seth (these two got married last year, and it was awesome). They recently became the proud parents of two greyhounds: Zelda and Gandalf (who take the sweetest derpiest photos ever). We get to see them often but thought it’d be a good time to get some portraits of the four of them as a family :] We let them run (like, really fast), rest/cuddle up with mom and dad,  and we ended the shoot with a little stroll around the park. It’s very clear that Seth and Haley love their pups and the pups very much love them back.

So, these are a little bit of action and lots of love! Would be excited to have more lifestyle sessions with pets if anyone is interested! I’m pretty crazy for animals :]

Thanks picking me (again) Seth and Haley! See you for dinner sometime soon :p


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