Are you a small business or brand with photos you don’t know how to edit?

(Or don’t have the software to do so)?

Sur la Lune has answers for you!

With the extra time at home, we wanted to offer this limited-time service to use our talents in other ways. Let’s face it, we are all spending a lot of time online and scrolling on our phones. It is prime time to engage with our audience and prospective clients. Polished, consistent editing is key to maintaining a brand that is exciting and professional!

Maybe you’ve got products you’re designing from home that need to be seen on social media.

Maybe you’re a small photography company overwhelmed by recent work.

Maybe you’re a content creator and want to use more than just the same filters everyone else is using.

Maybe you’re a hobbyist but don’t have the programs on your computer to make it work.

Maybe the shot is so close to being right, but there’s that one thing you’d really like removed in photoshop.

Whatever the case may be, we are ready and excited to get your project moving.

We want you to get your work back out there.

I've been editing photos ever since I've had access to a computer.


Completely self-taught, I know how to make the best out of any image.


Whether it be enhancing an already striking photo, correcting something that was really close to perfect, or salvaging what you might have thought was a loss.... I've done it.


In my line of work I'm required to capture moments in a multitude of settings-- some not always ideal.


I shoot fast and in the moment. I love to keep my images candid and true to life, and editing is a powerful part of my artistic process.


The light might be lacking or off-color. There may be distractions that just don't fit in when we look at our final product. There may be errors on my part, plain and simple, that were unavoidable in the moment.


That's okay. Digital photography is incredible in it's infinite flexibility.


I'm here to help you fix anything that didn't go quite right.


I'm also here to process your images for a beautifully consistent and professional look.


Brands, business, and personal shoots-- we are here for you!



Check out just a small sample of "before and afters" below:







Get back to your projects and protect time with family.



We are already working from home these days.


We'd love to elevate your brand and/or personal images.



Let us put our expertise to work for you.


Contact us now for your custom quote!