We aren’t your ordinary portrait photographer. We chase work that is inspired, narrative-driven, and alive. We want to deliver you shots that you look back on with nostalgia. You live a life worth celebrating. We are here to capture it.

Here’s what you can expect from a shoot with us:

We like to get out. We shoot most often on location at some place sentimental (e.g., in the home, where you first met) or go out exploring. The options are endless. Forget cookie cutter. Maybe we can make cookies at the session instead.

We approach our work with a big heart and a lot of love. We want to work with people who are eager to create together. Those who are willing to let us in, trust us, and make magic together. The fluid nature of our work requires experimentation and flexibility, be ready to settle in and relax.

We offer light direction when needed, but it’s the “in between” reactions and interactions that we LOVE.

We are light on our feet and low on equipment so we can create a session environment that is as natural as possible.

We process our photos so that they are true to life but with a touch of nostalgia and whimsy.

Sorry y’all, heavy photoshop (e.g., changing bodies, fixing hair, changing environments) is not our style. Trust me, your imperfections are more beautiful than some fuzzy, digitally polished version of yourself.

We overshoot. We are crazy about candids and helping you get natural, relaxed portraits that help you remain engaged. We want you to make memories. That means we walk away with more than we could ever expect. We want to give you those memories and as many options as possible. We are of course eager to help choose a favorite when needed.

We try to maintain an environment of curiosity and patience. Things rarely ever go according to plan. So we keep open hearts and open minds. Embracing real life and all it’s quirks is where the magic happens.

An inclusive and safe space. We work with all couples and families. If you’ve been on the search for an LGBTQIA-friendly photographer, please get in touch.

We build relationships. We are passionate about treating out clients like friends. The people we photograph quickly become our family.We want to know your history and your dreams going forward. We hope to follow you along your journey and cheer you on.


Thank you to @rachellombardiphoto @alexbeephoto & Ganer for these snaps of me in action! 




Photos. Because your life is awesome whether you're welcoming a new family member, launching your acting career, or just happy with your significant other. Let's capture it. 

Sessions with Carrie come in two sizes: a "mini" session lasts about 40 minutes and is priced at $175.

A "full" session lasts about 90 minutes and is priced at $300.

Both session types include access to processed files in a locked gallery. Print releases available upon request. 




WEDDINGS: Our main packages begin at $2,000 and differ based on your needs and location. These packages include an engagement session, coverage the day of, and access to full resolution files + print release. We also offer 10% off of prints when clients order through us.

INTIMATE WEDDINGS AND ELOPEMENTS: Throwing a small affair? Rock on (so did we)! Custom pricing available for small intimate weddings/elopements as no two are ever the same. Services for very small, short affairs begin at $400.

EVENTS:  Throwing a party? Let someone else take the pictures! Our coverage ranges from $200-300 hourly depending on the complexity and number of shooters needed.