Hey there! I'm the owner/lead photographer here at Sur la Lune. I grew up in southern California and came out here to compete on the forensics team (speech and debate) for WKU. Little did I know that I would be paired as duo partners with my future husband (Ganer, check him out below) and I'd very much make a home for myself here. I had every intention of continuing my research interests in cognitive psychology, but photography turned out to be a calling I couldn't ignore. A self-taught skill I grew up perfecting since childhood, photography is very much my love language. I overdocumented my college experience to such a degree that I accidentally built up an amazing base of clients and friends. Now, hundreds of galleries later, I'm happy to say this is my full time career. 

In working with me, you'll get an attentive experience. I'll encourage you so you don't feel lost.  I'm patient and enthusiastic. I'm expressive, sensitive, and extroverted. I may show up in sneakers and a dress. You've been warned. 

I'm also passionate about social justice, kindess, body positivity, and community over competition. I'm excited about building relationships through this business. 



I always get a little embarrassed when I’m asked to describe my interests. I really only have two; Carrie and anything that involves performance. As a child my family bonded over movies. I became obsessed with identifying actors, screenwriters, directors, and the cinematographers who captured the whole thing. My mother is an incredible artist who specializes in these elaborate pencil sketches of animals. Her penchant for hyperrealistic representations and meticulous attention to detail has continually influenced my approach to composition in all its dynamic forms. In 2007, I was introduced to the work of Anne Bogart, a stage director whose work specializes in teaching actors to create striking images to communicate emotional truths. Currently I teach communication, work as a collegiate forensics coach, and take pictures of the best day of people’s lives. I’m often asked how all of these interests fit together. The answer is simple; I’ve learned from lots of great artists; Martin Scorsese, Anne Bogart, Paulette Newman, Carrie Guggenmos. Each taught me that a single image can tell an epic story.


We love movies, books, animals, serialized dramas, indie films, family, our immense friend circle developed through forensics, NPR, Louisiana, California, elaborate dinners, wine, social movements, throwing parties, company, adventures, walks, lomography, love, weird voices, writing our own skits, country drives, sunshine, big windows, dancing, & being over the top.


OH YEAH. AND WE ARE MARRIED. (It was an intimate, fantastic celebration in New Orleans, LA. We had a very tiny and tight budget but our loved ones moved mountains to make it all happen.  We believe more than ever that wedding planning should be personal, healthy, and balanced. We believe a wedding can be magical if you focus on making it meaningful. The best parts (hugs, dancing, a powerful ceremony) cannot be bought. We are advocates for practical weddings. We believe the more you stick to essentials (keep it simple!) the more fun you will have. Every wedding is at it’s heart, a celebration. We hope to add to the amazing experience! Check out more of our wedding weekend here!


Thank you to the amazing Monica Muñoz for these photos of us from our wedding day and engagement session! You understand our hearts so well.